Test… And play! ;)

Do you want to support the video game industry… and, by the way, earn you any as a reward? Well, read on! 🙂

At Narratech we develop tools to make video games and we need to TEST them. To help us, you only need to download the tool from this website and fill out a very short survey. Just by doing this, you enter to be part of our draw and you can win codes to download fabulous games.

What are you waiting for? The more you try… More chances to win!

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If you like to play (especially if you are under 16), try TRPG Maker!
If you're a video game developer, try GOAP NPC!
If you have a Virtual Reality device, try VR NPC!

And even if it's out of the draw, we also have a scoop that can test all those with aerospace and piloting skills.