The Overman

We started!

Hello, my dear friends! Ready to bury yourself in a classic horror story? 😉

Narratech Laboratories, our video-game R&D studio, is developing its ‘magnum opus’: a plot-driven immersive experience using Unreal Engine 4. It is a first-person classic horror game, especially designed for Virtual Reality headsets (as Oculus Rift), which we wish you to… LOVE!

As a ‘proof of concept’ we will be publishing a short (but playable!) teaser of our upcoming game called ‘The Overman’ in a few weeks. A self-contained experience that can be played for free.

In this game you visit a gloomy old mansion close to the city of Nancy in France. It is 1937 and the house belong to a french militar scientist who lives there in company of his wife and their small daughter. Secretly working for the Government to create a weapon that can stop the Nazi menace, this time it seems his experiments have gone too far…

Keep in touch! 😀

– Narratech Labs. Development Team

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