Create your own video game against Coronavirus!

If you like video games and want to have a good time creating your own… don’t miss this! 😉

To enter the contest and get these prizes, just create a little game using our intuitive app…

We’re building an app, which serves to create video games based on funny tactical battles in a very simple way. Anyone, without programming or creating graphics or sounds, can have his/her own game ready in minutes, even the smallest of the house 😉

We are excited to release this application by creating video games with a very special theme, “The Good Doctors”, paying tribute to the winners of the Princess of Asturias Award of Concord 2020: OUR SANITARY!, who have taken care of us and have bravely faced the pandemic of COVID-19. Real heroes!

Set the stage to your liking, choose the story, the music… Put your health heroes and evil viruses wherever you want, and let the battle begin!

Take part in our tribute and if your game is among the winners you will receive download keys for titles like FIFA 20 (5 download codes for Playstation 4!) and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Battlefield V and Need for Speed Heat (2 download codes each, via Origin for PC!). What are you waiting for? 😉

All you have to do is carefully follow the instructions in our questionnaire, from where you can download the application, and then go answer it properly:

Important: To get the reward you must fill out 1 UNIQUE questionnaire per person BEFORE July 6th, 2020, by entering your email address at the end, so we can contact you. After evaluating your submissions, we will release the winners after July 10th, 2020 (The jury is still deliberating!).

Hey! Do you want to win more games? Test some other tool! 🙂

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