Light & Sound: Get video games helping developers

At Narratech Laboratories we have launched the LIGHT & SOUND campaign to ask you to help us TRY OUR GAMES. For each project you try, filling out the corresponding questionnaire, you will win -in gratitude- a participation in the draw of a Steam key that we will celebrate very soon, with games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Call of the Sea, Moonlighter or The Longest Road on Earth.

You’re one step away from making a developer happy… and to get these games! 😉

Fear of the dark?

We just published OSCURO on, a serious game to help people with nictophobia (fear of the dark) to overcome this uncomfortable situation. Download it for free and play it now on your Windows PC.

Then answer this questionnaire with your opinion about the game (in the first question type the identifier you want):

Face silence!

We’ve also recently released the Accessible Audio Toolkit (AAT) on Unity Assetstore, an audio accessibility tool for developers. We need you, as someone knowing anything else about this technology, to do now the following experiment: play Death Impact, a small PC game for Windows… without sound.

Simply follow the instructions in the questionnaire, from where you can download the game, to finally answer it properly. Randomly choose one and only one of these two options (flip a coin if you prefer), follow the corresponding link and do everything that the questionnaire asks for:

Sweepstakes Rules

If you participate in both projects, you will have twice as many possibilities, but in each project you can only fill out 1 questionnaire per person. Do it BEFORE June 14th, 2021, not forgetting to give your email address and Steam account at the end, so we can contact you and give you the digital copy of a video game if it turns out it’s you win.

We will announce the winners right here on July 1, 2021.

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