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Jaume committed the irresponsibility of studying journalism and trying to make a living in an essay. After eight years he has succeeded, but during that time he has also dedicated himself to researching the history of video games in Spain. As a result of this work is the publication of three books (Ocho Quilates, Obsequium and Promanager) that focus on the production of video games in the eighties, in The Abbey of Crime and on PC Football. He is interested in video game from a historical and industrial point of view as well as the human factor behind each game and every studio.


  • Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Journalism.
  • More than eight years working in media (El País, El Mundo, 20 Minutes, Public, IGN Spain).
  • Currently in The Confidential.
  • PhD in Communication.


  • Preparation of the doctoral thesis: From Commandos to indie hatching: twenty years of video games in Spain


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