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Automatic Planning for Unreal Engine

Automatic planning for video game characters behavior as Unreal Engine plugin Artificial intelligence is one of the fundamental pillars on which the video game industry has settled. For this reason, much of the resources used in the development of a video game are destined to the field related to intelligence simulation and, especially, to improve […]

Un modelo computacional para representar videojuegos multijugador de detectives…

Villarín Prieto, Alejandro (2016) Un modelo computacional para representar videojuegos multijugador de detectives e implementar el comportamiento de participantes automáticos. [Trabajo Fin de Grado] Nowadays, videogames do not achieve the expected level due to the treatment that is done to the knowledge of the characters. Usually, this characters cannot update their knowledge about what happened correctly, provoking strange […]

Creating adaptive music for video games

Sound and music design for video games has always been a complex discipline, for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it seeks to replicate very high quality standards, because of the influence of other mass media – especially film and television; on the other hand, the extent and low linearity of today’s interactive […]