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Title: Planificación automática para el comportamiento de personajes de videojuegos como extensión de Unreal Engine   

Automatic planning for video game characters behavior as Unreal Engine plugin

Artificial intelligence is one of the fundamental pillars on which the video game industry has settled. For this reason, much of the resources used in the development of a video game are destined to the field related to intelligence simulation and, especially, to improve the behavior of non-player characters.
However, not all studies have the same means of dealing with the costs associated with the development of artificial intelligence. This causes that small companies or independent developers often have to rely on obtaining resources through content stores. The problem arises with the lack of quality resources related to artificial intelligence in these stores.
To solve this problem, we have created a tool for Unreal Engine that allows automatic planning, under a GOAP architecture, of the behavior of
non-player characters in a simple way. This tool has been developed as a code plugin, allowing it to be easily included in any project, and it has been
published in the Unreal Engine’s marketplace, to make it more accessible to any developer.

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