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Federico Peinado

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From: 26/02/1979   Discord: federicopeinado#5147   

Professor hired Doctor in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence of the Faculty of Computer Science of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) in Madrid (Spain). Director of Narratech Laboratories, attached to the NIL research group and dedicated to creative design, production and technological innovation in the field of narrative video game. Lecturer specialized in Video Game History and Design in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Video Game Development and the Master’s Degree in Video Game Design and Development from UCM. Researcher dedicated to Computational Narratology, Artificial Intelligence and Entertainment Informatics, with experience in national and local projects of competitive financing, and publications in international impact journals and congresses. Regular guest in conference cycles, round tables and highlights of the video game sector in our country.


  • Computer Engineering (UCM, Spain)
  • Certificate in Advanced Professional Development (University of Teesside, United Kingdom)
  • PhD in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (UCM, Spain)

Current projects

  • Doctoral thesis direction: Motivational analysis of migration flows in MMO-RPG video games (Jorge Osorio)
  • Doctoral thesis address: … (Maximiliano Miranda)
  • Doctoral thesis address: … (Manuel Lopez)
  • Doctoral thesis address: … (Gabriel Peñas)
  • Doctoral thesis address: … (Jaume Esteve)
  • End-of-grade work manager: … (Phobia)
  • End-of-grade work manager: … (Scientific)
  • End-of-grade work manager: … (TRPG Maker)
  • Project Manager The Overman
  • Cloister Secrets Project Supervisor
  • IsoUnity Project Supervisor


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